Avis Rapida

Aquila - Yellow 13 (Ace Combat 4) Skin for Avis Rapida

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Published by Vimlad (mod ID: 64669)

Aquila - Yellow 13 (Ace Combat 4) Skin History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash
156th_yellow_13.zip2.0.0 - "Unlucky 13" Update2.4mbec312b06e81e9c1a81ccf65340fb4f7d

May 31 2020 - 2.0.0 - "Unlucky 13" Update

Improved the texture work on the skin by solving an issue that made the engine area of the skin look incomplete. Generally, the quality of the skin is now on a level acceptable enough to easily make me conclude that any future update outside of potential graphical ports is unnecessary. Thus, mod support has now ceased. Thank you for your downloads and continued support, your downloads have filled me with pride. Thank you.

Nov 29 2019 - 1.0.0

The first entry. Hopefully the last?