Avis Rapida

STFS Scarface - Phoenix (Ace Combat 2) Skin for Avis Rapida

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Published by Vimlad (mod ID: 59616)

STFS Scarface - Phoenix (Ace Combat 2) Skin History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash
stfs_scarface_1.zip3.0.0 - "Fighter's Honor" Update1.68mbb45678c40e38ed179bb2a5b96549f409
stfs_scarface_skin_2.zip2.0.0 - "Man Worth A Thousand" Update3.31mb8503c1d12479b13847cb71a25abcc259

May 31 2020 - 3.0.0 - "Fighter's Honor" Update

Definitive update for the skin that includes adjustments to the texture which allow the engine to appear correctly, among other minor graphical improvements that may be barely noticable but very important towards the general quality of the skin. Now I can definitely say that the skin is 100% complete and outside of any graphical port, the mod will no longer receive any graphical update or support. Thank you for your attention, and downloads! Your continued support makes me proud.

However, it is worth noting that I did not update the so-called "Infinity" skin as I felt it was disingenuous to the skin itself compared to what Ace Combat 2 portrays.

Nov 22 2019 - 2.0.0 - "Man Worth A Thousand" Update

What's new:
-Added a second variant, more canonically correct to the paintjob Phoenix had in Ace Combat 2 - out of respect for the source material as well as my own desire to make sure the mod is of highest standard I can provide. This is the regular ol' Su-35 Super Flanker look for all of us who love the old school look.
-Kept the old black canard version, now rebranded as the Ace Combat ∞ variant (ACI) for those who like like the aesthetics of those pretty black sides that was meant to replicate the feel of the infinity's Su-35 Flanker-E... Which lacks any canards to speak of.

-Improved the "original" skin (for the mod at least) which is now the Infinity variant: fixing the black canards spilling out onto the wings on the bottom of the jet.
-Now the two skins come together in the same package for you to either select one or try out both, for all the generations of Aces to rejoice.

Nov 11 2019 - 1.0.0

First release of the mod, after days of constant testing and revisions. Should not require any future updates as I doubt a skin mod can break unless the author makes some improvements regarding textures or the model. Enjoy.